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No, I am definitely NOT participating this year. ;)

BUT, I ordered a poster of my set of photos and got it today. All 366 photos are there. Looky!

Of course, it has been rolled for a while so the corners are curling, but you get the idea anyway. I love it! I'm going to frame it and hang it in my classroom at school.

It does have a title...sort of blurry but I had to hold that corner up to get the picture and my arms just aren't long enough to take a clear picture. ;)

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No, I'm not posting pictures. :D

Any time one undertakes a huge project that requires daily attention over a long period of time, one surely must learn something from it. Over the last few weeks, I have had thoughts tumbling around in my head about this very topic. Just what DID I learn from Project 366? Did I learn anything about myself? Nature? People? In a feeble attempt to gather and organize the rather scattered and indistinct ideas, I'm going to jot down ten of the most obvious.

1. I am not, nor will I ever be, a true photographer. I don't know how Melanie and Jeff do it. It would be nice (maybe) if I could somehow magically evolve into a photographer, but since that isn't going to happen at this late date, I'm content knowing I am just a run-of-the-mill picture taker. That's good enough for me. Seriously. I can't take the pressure.

2. Perseverance is a virtue, and the rewards are great. Try not to whine, though, because it reduces the joy of taking a picture of a daisy in bloom four hundred times.

3. Regardless of how many times I whined about lack of subjects, it's not true. There is always something waiting to have its picture taken. It may mean one has to take a closer look at one's surroundings or revisit old subjects in a new light, but something is there...waiting.

4. Heads or feet of human subjects do NOT have to be cut off in a picture. It's taken me this long to figure out how to manage to get the entire subject's body in the picture, but I did it. :D

5. Animals do not understand the concept of still photographs. National Geographic photographers are magicians.

6. Children will most always clown for a camera...or cry...or twirl. One must simply deal with it.

7. Always have a camera handy. One never knows what is lurking around the corner or under the table or over the hill or in the sky or...any other prepositional phrase one can think of. Oops!

8. The light inside my apartment is definitely not good. I need to add more lamps with energy-saving bulbs.

9. Pay attention to the background. It's as important as the subject. If it's cluttered, the picture will be cluttered. Besides, who wants to look at someone's pile of dirty underwear behind an adorable kitten or last night's dishes covered in dried gravy in the sink beside a scrumptious plate of brownies?

10. When it rains (or snows or sleets or hails), take a picture...take ten even...from inside, outside, underneath, up close, from a distance. Precipitation is a perfect picture taking opportunity. It hides clutter.
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I made it! THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX PHOTOS...whew...I'm worn out. LOL!

So this is the last photo of the year. *sigh* Melanie and family came home last night, and tonight we're celebrating together. I decided I wanted all of us in one picture. Jeff figured out the timer, but it took multiple tries to get one we all liked. Perfectionists? Nah. Just having fun. :D

So from our family to yours, I wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2009! I can't tell you how much each of you means to me. :D

LAST Photo of the Day...'Happy New Year, Y'all!'

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What a dreary day it has been so far. The sun is making an attempt, albeit a feeble one.

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I am so easily entertained. *sigh*

Early this morning I ventured up to the upstairs porch. It was foggy and damp, but I thought I might get a good shot of something from on high. I took pictures of the chime tree from above, but those didn't satisfy me - mainly because I couldn't get all of them in one shot and the closeups of one just didn't do it.

Within minutes I heard noises in the jungle out back. Seriously, it sounded like an elephant tromping through the trees. Finally, I pinpointed the sound. Squirrels were building a nest! There were at least four of them scampering through the pine and magnolia trees, chewing off twigs and carrying them back to the construction site.

All Creatures Great and Small )
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After days of taking pictures inside, I decided to take a walk around the yard. What a sad, sad sight. The clay pots need to be cleaned out and stored; the ground is covered in leaves; old dead or dying plants should be relieved of their duties; broken branches are falling at a dangerous rate. Just a total mess...or so I thought at first.

There is life in winter...warning - picture heavy... )
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This is a really strange Christmas for me. It's the first time in fifty-nine years I've spent Christmas alone. There is no cooking or last minute shopping or wrapping of gifts. No one knocking on the door; no one to play with; nobody's house to go to. Just me. I'm not depressed or anything. It just doesn't feel like Christmas.

So, I've been playing fetch with Bokeh and sharing some fruit with the birds and squirrels. Now if only the temperature would drop below 70°, I'd be fine. ;)

Photo of the Day...'Christmas Treats'...

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Mama always bought hard Christmas candy for the holidays and kept it in a candy dish on the coffee table in the living room. Nothing says Christmas to me as much as a bowl of hard candies...pillow, ribbon, fruit.

Photo of the Day...'Christmas Past'...

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On the downhill run now, folks. ;)

It has been mentioned several times that the school where I teach is out in the county...waaaaay out. Farm land borders the north side of the campus where corn and beans grow, where the rows curve around a dilapidated equipment barn and tobacco shed...both abandoned and rotting.

I've wanted to take pictures of the buildings up close since I began this project, but getting to them has always been a problem. Today I noticed that the grass had been recently cut and the way was clear to walk right up to them. I really wanted to go inside, but for several reasons, I didn't. One, I'd be trespassing more than I was to begin with; and, two, I didn't know what varmints might be holed up inside. It was scary enough walking to them through the ankle-high mounds of dried grass! ;) So I satisfied myself with taking pictures from the outside.

The light wasn't right (noon is definitely NOT the best time of day for taking pictures), and I think I could have gotten some really good shots from within, but I'm pleased with the results.

From the past... )
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After today there are only TEN MORE DAYS UNTIL I FINISH PROJECT 366! TEN, PEOPLE! Woohoo! Seriously, there were days - weeks even - that I wanted to just quit.

Someone on flickr posted a cute Santa photo. It made me wish I'd put out my Santa collection, but there are soooooo many of them and I'd have to unpack and repack...not enough candy for the dime. Maybe next year.

What I DID do today is take pictures of the faces of a few of my Santas. I noticed how similar the expressions are - Thomas Nast's image has been recreated time and again, but the expression is almost always the same no matter who produces it. The gentle face and red suit that we know didn't appear until Nast illustrated the poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" by Clement C. Moore. It's strange to realize that icons of our culture have not been around forever and a day. ;)

Santa Faces )
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When my girls were in elementary school, we chose what we considered useful and thoughtful gifts for their teachers...teacher ornaments, thank you notes, holiday cheese spreaders. Anything we thought the specific teacher would like. The girls always appreciated the thank you notes, too.

I stopped the teacher gifting in junior high. It was difficult enough to buy for two or three teachers, but six each was a bit much. So I've never expected gifts from my students. The years I spent in inner-city schools, there were none. Well, there was that one year that a seventh grade girl gave me a broken, clear plastic angel ornament wrapped in a kitchen match box. She was so proud. I still have that ornament somewhere. Anyway, I am always very thankful for any gifts I receive and make a point of writing a thank you note to the child.

2008 is the year of The Sugar Plum, I guess. There must be a pound of sugar in the guise of gifts...hard candy, homemade candy, chocolate bars, cocoa mix, sugar cookie mix. And if it isn't enough to EAT it, I can always SMELL it in the candles (totally love them) or BATHE in it or BUY more with the McDonald's gift card (but I'm saving that for my morning coffee which is never sweetened). My house is practically made of sugar today.

To be fair, I did receive some mugs (filled with candy and/or cocoa), a very cute Christmas dish towel, a couple of cookie cutters and some fruit. Maybe that balances out the sugar. ;)

Photo of the Day...'Sugar, Candles and Mugs...Did I Mention Sugar?'

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The principal provided breakfast for the cafeteria workers this morning and invited teachers who had morning planning to finish the leftovers. So I had my usual English muffin/coffee breakfast at 6:00 and bacon/eggs/grits breakfast at 11:00. Then I had half a dark chocolate candy bar around 2:00. I'm stuffed still. My dinner is a cup of pumpkin spice tea with honey and lemon tonight.

Photo of the Day...'Cup of Joy'...

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The wife of one of my team members is a baker. Lucky me! She sent a container crammed with all sorts of scrumptious stuff...baklava, pecan tassies, cookies, Martha Washington balls, peanut butter balls, fudge (TWO kinds). I had to bring it home because I would be too tempted to snack on something all day long.

I feel a sugar high coming on. ;)

Photo of the day...'Christmas Goodies'...

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I don't know how I did it, but I was able to retrieve today's photo. Whew!

This morning as I drove to work, the full moon was huge and bright moving through skittering clouds, some as thick as buttermilk. It was a glorious sight, and I wanted desperately to kick myself for not having a camera in the car with me. As I approached Goldsboro, the clouds thickened to the point they completely obliterated the gorgeous orb. I was sick about it. Another missed opportunity.

Around 7:40 a teacher ran into my room and asked if I had taken my photo of the day. She pointed to the sky just outside our classrooms, and I gasped. PERFECT!

I had to do some cropping to get rid of fences and dugouts, and this camera has so few pixels that the picture is not exactly the best quality, but I love it.

Photo of the Day...'The Promise'...

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A couple of years ago the principal began a mentoring program designed for students who rarely receive recognition of any kind. They are not athletes, cheerleaders, in the band, perfect attendees, straight A get the picture. The members are good, average kids who have few friends and little support at home, and many are from very low socioeconomic backgrounds. The 'team' meets once a month and participates in esteem/team-building exercises and snacks. Today was a meeting day, and because some of my students were participating, I joined them in the media center for a while.

The team-building exercise was hysterical. Each group had to blow up balloons, tie them off and stuff them into pantyhose to create antlers. One member had to don the antlers and yell, "RUDOLPH" when the team completed the task. Each team won an award for being first or creating the best antlers or working well together or whatever. I haven't laughed so much in a long while. This will be a tough act to follow...the eighth grade teachers are in charge of January's meeting.

I took lots of pictures but couldn't get one of just my kids so I chose the display model for today's photo.

Photo of the Day...'Reindeer Antlers'...

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So, Mabry LOVES the British kids' show Charlie and Lola. So does Melanie. So do I. I try to remember to catch it on Saturdays and am terribly jealous that they can watch it during the week.

Charlie and Lola are siblings who remind me an awful lot of Parker and Mabry. Lola gets into all sorts of trouble without really trying or meaning to and Charlie helps her find a way out. They are adorable.

Last year I ordered a Charlie and Lola book for Mabry, which she is still reading, and a deck of Charlie and Lola Go Fish cards. Whenever we play Go Fish, we must speak with a British accent. I'm not that good at it, but Mabry is phenomenal...for a Southern Princess. ;)

This year I ordered a couple of Charlie and Lola items and received two Lola masks. I foresee much fun in the future. I must work on my accent first.

Photo of the Day...'Completely Lola'...

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Redundancy strikes again. But, today was horrendously busy. No time to even think about taking a picture at school, and after the 45-minute commute I'm not in the mood to search.

So here is the sideboard...groaning with trees and gifts. All done. Done. Take a good look because I refuse to take another picture of the only decorations in my house.

Photo of the Day...'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'...

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The sun is shining through the sheers in the office, and all is right with the world. ;)

Photo of the Day...'Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day'...

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There is no motivation or inspiration at all for Project 366 anymore. I'm tired of looking in every nook and cranny of the apartment and around every blade of grass in the yard. Nothing changes. I don't go anywhere because I don't want to go anywhere. It's not depression - it's recuperation. I no longer enjoy the hunt.

Photo of the day...'First Christmas Card'...actually, it's the first card I opened. I also received the fabulous card from [ profile] rodluvan and just LOVE it! Thanks, Wilhelmina! :D

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This Project 366 thing is getting ridiculous. I have no time at school to take pictures; the sun is setting by the time I get home so there's no light outside; my apartment is so nondescript it doesn't bear documenting - at least not for me and this IS my project; my pictures have long since become redundant; I'm reduced to staging photos just to get one taken. Hmpf!

Last year Melanie had a big Christmas party and bought some cone-shaped, sequin-and-grassy stuff-and-sparkly 'trees' as decorations. She gave them to me - and I accepted as if I had the perfect place for them - idiot! But I hate waste so I dragged them out, took eighty pictures of the same damn trees from forty angles and ended up with this one with the trees reflected in the mirror over the sideboard.

I tell you what...I'll be glad when December 31 rolls around if for no other reason than this project will be OVER!

Photo of the Day...'Red Christmas Tree Forrest'...


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