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Aug. 1st, 2009 05:46 pm
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This has been the rainiest summer since I have lived in North Carolina. Perhaps that is the reason one of the herbs hasn't done so well.

I've tried growing dill three different times with no luck at all. Today on Barefoot Contessa (Food Network), Ina Garten visited a magnificent acre-covering herb garden. The dill there was HUGE and FULL. P. Allen Smith (a Southern gardening guru) has videos of his potted dill so large you can't even see the pot! Every website says dill is one of the easiest herbs to grow and perfect for first time gardeners. Yeah, right.

Mine is barely a foot tall, skinny, practically leafless and producing scant two-inch flower heads. I give up. I just can't grow it. *pout*

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I went out this morning to take a picture of the only ripe tomato on the vine. It was hidden behind a big leaf, and when I touched the tomato to move it for a clear shot, it fell right into my hand. Guess it was ready to be picked. :D As Daddy would say, I 'scrabbled' up two little potatoes and left them for the kids to see.

The garden still disappoints me. Nothing is growing well even though the tomato vines are loaded with teeny tiny tomatoes. I'm not convinced that square foot gardening is all that great. Next year will be different. I'm not sure how yet, but it will be different.

At least the herbs are flourishing. The basil is still growing despite the slugs, and the dill is shooting up. 'Genevieve,' the flat leaf parsley has finally taken root, and the thyme is apreading like crazy. Maybe I should be growing the vegetables in pots. :/

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Something is eating my basil, darn it! But it's not aphids because ladybugs are all over the pots. Hmmmm...maybe it is since there are lots of predators. I figure it's slugs though I haven't seen any. If the ladybugs stick around, aphids won't be a problem anyway. Maybe it's grasshoppers. Eh, everybody's got to eat.

However, nothing seems to be doing anything about the caterpillars on the dill so they had to be picked off by hand. There were SIX on my little plant doing as much damage as they could. Normally, I do not try to control the pests other than picking off those I can see, and I hated to destroy these. Butterfly or dill? I think I want my dill. Little buggers!

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[ profile] gen_here found flat leaf parsley and sent it to me aaaaaaaalllll the way from OREGON! LOL!

The plant was carefully packed with wet paper towels around the roots (the towels were still wet!) and swathed in plastic wrap...a tad wilted, but otherwise intact.

I bought a pot on the way home and immediately set about planting her. It was thundering as I worked, and I thought for sure she'd get some soaking rain, but no, just some sprinkles for about fifteen seconds. The storm skirted the house. Nevertheless, she is in the pot and looking great. I've dubbed her 'Genevieve'!

Thank you so much, [ profile] gen_here! I owe you one. :D
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The herb garden is doing quite well this year. I still haven't found flat-leaf parsley, but I'm still looking. There are other herbs I'd like to grow...lavender and tarragon to name two. Herbs are easy and very forgiving plants. They must be to grow for me. ;)

Please ignore the pecan catkins. No matter how many times I clear them out of plants and pots, hundreds - nay, THOUSANDS - fall to take their places. :/


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