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I've never had much luck growing dill, but in my never-ending quest to find flat leaf parsley, I succumbed once more to the feathery foliage this morning. Everything I've read about it indicates it should grow fairly well in the South, but methinks the humidity is a bit much for it. We'll see. I paired it in a pot with Greek oregano. If the dill doesn't make it, the oregano can have the whole pot. So now there are many herbs in my garden: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano, dill, chives and bee balm.

Finally Lowe's had some sweet potato vines. Peyton will be happy. Maybe we'll grow another spud. I put a pretty little coleus that caught my eye in the same pot. It's called Kingwood Torch, and it really is bright as fire and looks great against the chartreuse potato vine.

Last week I found the ceramic windchime on the ground...broken. So I picked up a little pot of Irish moss to tuck into the makeshift pot. I hope the moss lives in such a tiny vessel. Turning the broken side down should help the roots find their way into the ground.

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Today's writer's block question: "What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you eat it again?"

Hmmmm...that all depends on what one considers weird. Some people might consider pickled pig's feet weird, but they are ubiquitous in the South so we think nothing of finding them on the grocery store shelves. And yes, I like them and would eat them all the time if they weren't so bad for the old arteries.

Maybe I shouldn't admit to some of these. ;) Armadillo...possum...hoghead cheese...mountain oysters...chicken gizzards...I'd eat all of them again (and have many times) but I will never eat another Burger King Whopper as long as I live.
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Yesterday was Haiku Day in the USA, and the topic of LJ writer's block. I had some time on my hands...

Promises of light
Linger on the horizon
Ere darkness swallows

Velvet canopy
Crystal studded moonlight lit
Explodes into morn
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In 1965 I was sixteen years old and in the hospital for a minor surgical procedure. A friend brought me some magazines and a couple of novels to read. One of the novels was Peyton Place. My mother almost had a stroke when she saw it and promptly told me it was totally unacceptable. I promised to give it back to Delores the next day but I stayed awake most of the night reading it first. I have no idea why Mama didn't just take the book; that's what I would have done. ;)


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