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Camellia Japonica became aware of her extraordinary beauty the moment she budded. It was difficult to miss the tender blush of color on her soft, smooth cheeks. Everyone said she was the most beautiful bud they’d ever seen – even outdoing Rose Mallow, who had been simply breathtaking as a bud.

Camellia Japonica )
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Project 366 is over. That means I have to post without a picture. You know, it only takes two weeks for a habit to form, and I've spent a year - a whole YEAR - thinking about, searching for and setting up shots for a photo of the day. It's ingrained. To help me break the habit, I relied on a semi-tradition that began a few years ago. Here's my New Year's Day poem for 2009.

The best of time has come again
When all the rush is o’er
When life begins to settle down
To a dull and quiet roar

When children dream of endless days
And grown-ups wish they’d slow
When promises are kept a while
Into the New Year’s glow

When new and sparkling prospects bloom
Beyond our power to see
With unexpected grace and awe
We grasp a chance to be!
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A story...

My name is Tatiana, and I live on the north slope of a very large, rough mountain. It's green - very green - right now, but soon a blanket of white will cover the ground. Then I will not be able to go out. I will be housebound again and this time alone. I have stacked firewood and stored mushrooms and nuts for the coming winter. I will be safe.

The explosion is still a vivid memory. Every hut except mine was blown off the mountain. Great plants splintered and fell willy-nilly around the countryside missing my house by mere inches. Slabs of wood and even parts of my neighbors' roofs still dot the pasture downhill. I will leave them as a reminder.

My beloved Andrei died in that pasture, but I choose to remember his fine smile and tender ways, not his gruesome death. His teachings about living off the land will come in handy this winter. I will survive in honor of him. But first I must purchase some sheepskin. It's cold in here.

Tatiana's hut is my photo of the day...'Precipice'...


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