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Remember the old joke...a couple goes out of town or into space, and the wife always wonders if she left the oven on? Well...

Several mornings this week I've awakened to very chilly temperatures - in the upper 30s and low 40s. My apartment is always about five degrees cooler inside so I've been turning on a stove burner each morning to knock off the chill. This morning I forgot to turn it off.

We were supposed to climb into the upper 60s to low 70s during the day, but increasingly heavy cloud cover and a slight northeast breeze held down the temperature. When I got home, I was sort of glad that I forgot to turn off the burner. :D

Photo of the Day...'Old Flame'...

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I was born and reared in a section of Mississippi known as The Delta. It's not really a delta, though; it's an alluvial flood plain created by years and years of flooding by the Mississippi River. The land is flat and fertile and lies between the Father of Waters and the Yazoo River.

The Delta is home to Delta State University, my alma mater. The university's logo is, naturally, the symbol for the Greek letter delta, a triangle. The triangle or the word delta are ubiquitous back home, appearing in many business names, including Delta Airlines which has its roots in The Delta.

So, imagine our surprise when looking at this property on which we now reside, we found a Delta right in the back yard in the form of a small concrete fish pond. We've not done anything with it yet, but some day we will.

Photo of the day...a little reminder of our roots now covered in duck weed...


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