Aug. 11th, 2009 03:47 pm
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Two exciting things have happened today.

1. The AC in the car is working again. It's been broken for...let's see...well, too long. Way before school was out. The best part is it only cost $109. I expected it to be a LOT more than that.

2. I now have access to an oven. Not in my apartment, but upstairs. This is a real blessing because I can cook on my stovetop, put something in the oven upstairs AND cook something on THAT stovetop, too. Holidays - and really any family meal - are a mess around here when the food has to be carted over to Melanie's house. Bokeh has to be restrained or umbrellas toted over the food if it's raining. Seriously. This is BIG! The best part is that the service fee will appear on my next gas bill (we already had the stove). YAY!

Life is good. :D


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:08 am
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It means today will be HOT, but at least the sun is shining for the first time in days and days. YAY!

The grass needs mowing. Jeff found a guy just starting out in the yard care/handyman business who will begin next week taking care of the yard. Mowing is just too much for me, and Jeff has no time. The neighbors will be glad, I'm sure. ;)

The vegetable garden has been sort of a disappointment. The okra hasn't done anything much yet; the squash has bloomed, but the blooms keep falling off; the tomatoes vines are huge, but with few tomatoes and they are small. I'm thinking the box isn't deep enough or there's not enough sun on it. And now I've found stink bugs and slug trails. Great.

My housecleaning is coming along. It's been a challenge, to say the least. It's obvious that my true calling in life was to be a queen and tell other people what to do. Part of the problem, too, is reading. Now that there is time, that's all I want to do.

Oh, well. Let me take two empty glasses to the kitchen to wash and get the third pair of shoes out of the living room. *sigh*
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It would be awful if the health inspector made a random visit to my home...not that they do that, but still the thought scares me. Fortunately, there are no small children to be removed from the home. Just some spiders.

Plan A didn't work out. Pure laziness (and a little ADD) prevents me from finishing one room before moving on to another.

On to Plan B.

Every time I leave a room, something that doesn't belong there will go with me. Yep. Good plan because nothing is in its rightful place anymore. Also, one piece of trash will be thrown out, too.

Out go the never-worn sweaters and blouses in the bag on the closet floor. It will take four trips to move all shoes from the living room to the bedroom closet, but I'll make room each time by removing an empty shoe box. I'll drag the tall ladder from the storage room to the kitchen and replace the fried light bulb in the ceiling fixture and put the lamp back in the living room. Some day I'll move the ladder from the kitchen back to the storage room. The bottle containing expired aspirin will go in the trash when I leave the office after I finish typing this post. The tax folders that I removed from the file cabinet in January will go back in tonight! The travel mug I received from a student will finally leave the living room and go into the kitchen cupboard with all the others. All practically empty jars of cinnamon spice candles that no longer have a wick will be thrown out. The two cookbooks on the couch will be put away in the kitchen bookcase. I'll remove the last four pieces of Double Bubble bubble gum from the extra large bag and put them in my purse. Some day I'll throw away the empty bag.

By my meticulous calculations, this apartment will be spotless around 2020.


Jun. 12th, 2009 02:12 pm
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Free at last; free at last...thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!

I plan to park my butt right here all weekend and read. :D


May. 8th, 2009 04:55 pm
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I heard a strange noise from one of the tires on the car yesterday morning, but when it quit I didn't think anymore about it. I don't think of checking tires before I drive out of the drive at 5:07 every morning, but I should get into the habit. This morning after I drove half a block, I realized the back driver's side tire was flat.

Poor Jeff. I called him and he came right down the street and changed it for me. I would have never gotten the lug nuts loosened. Jeff is a mighty strong boy and even he had to jerk the lug wrench hard.

So the tire is being fixed, even as I type. I'll wait until in the morning to pick it up, though. I'm just NOT in the mood to get back out today.

Do you know, this is only the third flat tire I can ever remember having in forty-five years of driving. Wow.
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[livejournal.com profile] aellia posted a link to this site a couple of days ago. Who would have thought junk drawers could ever be considered art? Certainly not my kitchen drawers.

Thank goodness I only have three drawers in my kitchen - one for silverware and the other two for odds and ends kitchen utensils. I can't remember what design was in my head when I unpacked those boxes five years ago, but after I took the pictures I noticed absolutely no rhyme or reason to the placement. Weird.

This one contains mostly baking items...cookie cutters, my grandmother's broken rolling pin, cookie press and discs, candy molds and thermometer, biscuit cutters and various scrapers. But it also houses a can opener, a handmade corn grater (can't be seen), lids to saved jars, a tea bag presser, an old box of birthday candles, a long-handled grill spatula, a corkscrew and a screwdriver.

The second one contains measuring cups/spoons, graters, an apple corer, pastry brushes, a couple of strainers, holiday cheese spreaders, ice cream scoops, metal skewers and plastic corn holders. Odd combination.

So, what's in YOUR kitchen drawers?


Feb. 28th, 2009 09:24 am
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The car passed inspection WITHOUT new tires! YESSSSSS!!!!

Okay, it's only 9:30 and the temperature is already 56° in light rain. If a cold front with snow is going to happen, it better get moving. Oh, wait. It IS moving...our way. :/

In honor of the impending frigid weather, I give you an icy ghost...MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't you just love the shade of lipstick she's wearing?

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Redundancy strikes again. But, today was horrendously busy. No time to even think about taking a picture at school, and after the 45-minute commute I'm not in the mood to search.

So here is the sideboard...groaning with trees and gifts. All done. Done. Take a good look because I refuse to take another picture of the only decorations in my house.

Photo of the Day...'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'...

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The sun is shining through the sheers in the office, and all is right with the world. ;)

Photo of the Day...'Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day'...

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It has been overcast and rainy all day today. I've barely moved from the sofa, mainly because some stomach bug woke me at 2:30 this morning and has kept a hold on me ever since. I can't imagine what caused it because I didn't eat much of anything yesterday at all. All I've had to eat and drink today are a bowl of rice and a glass of tea.

The illness has kept me from even thinking about a picture for the day. A while ago I lit a candle and decided it was as good a subject as anything. Have y'all ever added whole cloves to a candle while it's burning? Mmmmmm...smells sooo good. Just watch out. The cloves will catch fire and send up a rather large flame. I just place them on the outer edges of the candle so the hot wax helps release the aroma.

Anyway, I'm headed back to the sofa. Later, y'all.

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It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. How about yours?

The rest of the family is out of town, and I have lots of time on my hands. How about a little game. Can you fill in the words the photos represent?

After my second cup of , I went out exploring the yard hoping to find something spectacular to photograph. Eh...

I took a picture of a wicker on the upstairs porch. It needs new cushions, and the shape presents a problem finding ready-made. But the is nice.

While searching for blooms, I noticed the mums and marigolds needed .
I like the way the spent flowers look against the broken pot so I'm making this my Photo of the Day.

After three nights of light frost, the colors of autumn are finally emerging. From to to and even .

The autumn clematis that covered everything in its path for months has finally gone to .

Only SIXTY more photos to take this year! :D
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The rosemary outside is growing like wildfire. Some of the branches would make perfect skewers for grilled kabobs. Since judicious pruning is healthy for a plant, and since I adore the smell of rosemary, I cut some branches and made a lamp wreath. My living room is filled with the pungent aroma. *ssssnnnniiiiiiiiff* I wish y'all could smell this!

Photo of the day...'Rosemary and Acanthus'...

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Glimpses into my life...

Photo of the Day...'Late Nights and Good Books'...

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Glimpses into my life...my kitchen window...photo of the day...'Morning Light'...

Side note: Today would have been my mother's 80th birthday. :(


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