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Last spring I posted a picture of the wildflowers planted along a section of the highway between school and home. There were yards and yards and yards of poppies blooming at the time.

The poppies are gone, but other wildflowers have taken their place. I think these are lanceleaf coreopsis, but I'm not sure at all. Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Photo of the day...'Pink on Pink'...

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I love fireworks, but I'd like to have some warning before they begin. Since the unfortunate school shooting in 1997, unexpected loud noises throw me for a loop. My first instinct is to dive for cover...until my brain recognizes the source of the sound.

My apartment is two short blocks from the stadium where the Kinston Indians baseball team plays. Before and/or after most home games, one can expect a fireworks display. That means it sounds as if it is right over my house...LOUD!

The K-Tribe was home tonight, and right on schedule at 11:00 P.M., BOOM! I waited until my heart stopped racing, grabbed my camera and ran outside. Thirty-four snaps later, I had seven pictures that actually had a bright dot or two in them. LOL!

Try, try again... )
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I decided yesterday that today's photo of the day would either be a sunrise or a sunset. Since I haven't found a decent sunrise spot, the choice was made for me. I knew exactly where I wanted to take the picture, and I knew what time the sun would set. I would get there early and wait for the perfect moment. The best laid plans...

I noticed that the sky began to darken a tad early tonight so I rushed around gathering up camera and purse and keys. I turned the car toward the street and realized why. Clouds! A massive cloud bank loomed in the west, but the sun was still scorching the edge of it. I hurriedly turned toward my destination. The best laid plans...

There is no quick way to get to the spot I'd chosen, but slow, oooooooold people make the trek even longer. The eldrly lady in front of me obviously was concerned about getting or had recently gotten a ticket because she caught all six traffic lights between my house and my photo spot...on purpose, I tell you. Sloooooowly we crept as the sun inched its way down behind the clouds. I even passed up a perfectly good place to pull over and snap because she sped up juuuuuuust a tad, making me think she'd come to her senses. But, no. She caught herself. Finally, she turned and I managed to whip up into the parking lot with a little light to spare.

Photo of the day...'Sunset on the Neuse River'...


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